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Detroit man, 35, was set for prison release — until officer brought hearing to halt_freckle removal on face

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Miriam Marini, Detroit Free Press·4 min read

A man, 35, was set to be released after 15 years of wrongful imprisonment Friday but a Wayne County judge delayed the exoneration because she was approached by a Detroit officer who claims to have further information.

In a hearing Friday, Terance Calhoun was moments from being cleared of his supposed crimes and having his 2007 case dismissed when Judge Kelly Ramsey said the hearing had to be adjourned. She said she was approached by Detroit Police Officer Robert Kane, who had a binder of information that he believed to be relevant to the case and the release of Calhoun.

Kane testified at Calhoun's preliminary examination in November 2006.

In 2007, Calhoun was charged with multiple crimes in two separate cases involving the rape of a 13-year-old girl and attempted sexual assault of another girl, 15, to which he pleaded no contest. He was sentenced to a minimum of 17 years. A rediscovered rape kit excluded him from being the perpetrator.

This evidence discovered by officials led the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office's Conviction Integrity Unit to ask a judge Friday afternoon to dismiss the case and clear Calhoun of the convictions. But the request will now be delayed pending a review of the materials.

"It is my belief that it is my role and responsibility to ensure the court's role is to ensure that justice is done and the court is also mindful of the need to ensure finality in its orders," Ramsey said during the hearing. "Given the circumstances before this court, there needs to be an opportunity, due diligence that exceeds whatever happened this morning to whenever Mr. Kane hopefully went to the prosecutor's office."

Ramsey said Kane met her in her courtroom Friday morning and he presented her with a binder and said: "Judge, you've got to look at this before you dismiss this case, you have to look at this evidence here." Ramsey said she referred him to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office and did not review any of the documents he brought to her.

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