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Do you know how to recognize a credit card skimmer? Fresno_freckle removal winnipeg

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Credit card skimming has been a topic in recent weeks in multiple Fresno County cities, and police say there are ways to protect yourself.

Skimming usually involves a device that a thief places on an ATM or anywhere a customer might use a credit or debit card to pay.

The device steals the card number and other information that can be used to make fraudulent purchases, police say. The thief can use the information themselves or sell it to a third party.

Sgt. Martin Van Overbeek of Fresno’s Financial Crimes Unit said devices can be simple and can store card information or be more complicated.

“Some have the ability to store the info and connect via Bluetooth while parked outside to download the skimmed card info,” he said in an email.

Store owners may not know the card reader on their counter has been compromised, because a team of thieves worked together to distract the employees while someone places the device.

Clovis police say the device is often difficult to see and fits in a card slot or over a machine at a gas station counter. So police recommend gently pulling on the slot and inspecting the payment device to see if anything comes loose, department spokesperson Ty Wood said.

The setup often includes two pieces including a pinhole camera to steal the PIN as the user puts it in, he said. “It’s usually around the top of the keypad,” he said.

Clovis has seen 11 instances of skimmers in the past 10 months, and has eight open investigations, police said.

The ATM at Bank of America at Peach and Shaw avenues has been the target eight of those times. That’s because it is free-standing and does not have employees on site at all times, Clovis Sgt. Jim Koch said.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office recommends downloading “skimmer scanner” apps for a smartphone, which can warn users about gas pumps if they have been tampered.

Reedley police said they have received many complaints this year related to fraudulent purchases, and the drive-thru Bank of America ATM on G Street is a common target of skimmers.

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