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You Won’t Believe the Horror Left Behind Once Russian Invaders Are Chased Out of Town_laser freckle removal ireland

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Guillaume Ptak·5 min read
Guillaume Ptak/The Daily Beast
Guillaume Ptak/The Daily Beast

This story contains pictures and descriptions that you will find disturbing.

IRPIN, Ukraine—This suburb northeast of Kyiv has become one of the most fiercely contested and symbolic battlegrounds of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. It was claimed this week that Ukrainian forces had succeeded in vanquishing the invaders after hundreds of civilians were slaughtered in the Russian advance on the capital city.

A few days after the mayor announced that Irpin had been liberated, we set out to see for ourselves.

After a 20-minute drive from Kyiv on Thursday, a French colleague, myself, and our driver Sasha arrive in Stoyanka, on the western edge of the capital. The place is devastated: A gas station has collapsed under shelling, and burnt-out vehicles are spread on the highway leading to Jytomyr. This is one of the last checkpoints on the road to Irpin.

The exhausted members of the Territorial Defense manning it try to dissuade us from going any farther. “It’s not safe there!” warns Viktor, a twentysomething carrying an AK-74 on a sling. He invites us for coffee in their base, a former Georgian restaurant called Radio Tbilisi. We share a cigarette and discuss our idea of going to Irpin. He disapproves. The whole city has not been declared safe and it remains within range of artillery and rockets.

After weighing the risks, we decide to try our luck nonetheless. “It’s your responsibility,” sighs Viktor, as he shakes our hands.

A winding road through a forest takes us to the entrance of Irpin. As we approach the city, Sasha stops the car. Roughly 500 meters up ahead, a black car bearing a spray-painted white “V” is blocking the road. Its windows seem shattered, its trunk is open. We hesitate. “It could be the Russians,” our driver says warily. About five minutes later, a Ukrainian soldier emerges from the forest. We ask him if it’s safe to progress any farther. He shrugs. “Maybe.” We decide to go for it.

<div class="inline-image__credit">Guillaume Ptak/The Daily Beast</div>
Guillaume Ptak/The Daily Beast

A few miles ahead, we encounter members of Ukraine’s special forces clearing out the city. After a bit of negotiating, their commanding officer, Phil, agrees to show us around the town. “I’ll only be able to take you around the area we’ve cleaned. The rest of the city is not safe,” he said. We set out on foot for a nearby two-story house, where soldiers are taking a break.

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