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A hurricane is expected to hit Mexico next week. Forecasters have a message for Florida._freckle removal on back

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Howard Cohen·3 min read

Could Tropical Storm Agatha, which is forecast to become a hurricane on Sunday as it approaches the southern coast of Mexico, emerge after its bout with Mexico and threaten Miami?

That’s a mystery worthy of the storm’s name.

“It is way too early to speculate on that,” the National Hurricane Center’s Eric Blake told the Miami Herald on Saturday afternoon. “Right now we are heading to a low chance of formation in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico over the next five days which is possibly related to the eventual remnants of Agatha so we have quite a few days to watch this system.”

At the 1 p.m. Saturday advisory, Agatha was off Mexico’s Pacific coast about 180 miles south-southwest of Puerto Angel, Mexico, with 50 mph winds. Hurricane watches have been issued for the southern coast of Mexico from Salina Cruz to Punta Maldonado.

Agatha is expected to make landfall in Mexico on Monday as a possible Category 2 hurricane.

And then after its bout with Mexico’s mountains and terrain what happens once it gets into the Gulf? Would it regroup and set its sights on Florida or elsewhere in the United States?

Blake says the message at the moment is to be prepared. We should be, anyway. Check your calendar. Hurricane season officially begins June 1 on Wednesday and, clearly, Mother Nature doesn’t abide by calendars given the first-named storm of the season’s jump start.

“Hurricane season starts next week and so we need to be ready, right?” Blake said.

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That’s a point former CBS4 meteorologist Craig Setzer made in a series of posts on Twitter Saturday.

“Euro based models suggesting potential from tropical development in far Southwest Gulf or western Caribbean. This is just a signal in the extended models for now, but something we may be watching by late next week,” Setzer told his followers.

“Of course things may change as we see what happens with Agatha, and how the steering pattern evolves, but something to watch from a ways off.”

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