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Courtesy of Brett Gibson
Courtesy of Brett Gibson

Thirteen-year-old Kensey Dishman arrived back at Wayne County Middle School in rural Kentucky on Tuesday morning after a bout with COVID and the required quarantine.

Her mother, Kim Gibson, had driven her there, as they had an appointment to see a counselor. Kensey had still been occasionally experiencing difficulty breathing, but that was deemed common after COVID and her oxygen levels had been good.

Kensey seemed fine as Kim dropped her off at the front, where she joined the crowd of classmates returning from a holiday weekend. The students were no longer required to wear masks, as the Wayne County School Board had voted unanimously the previous Thursday to permanently lift a mandate that had been keyed to the number of cases. The message was one that similar relaxations have been spreading across the country: the danger of the pandemic is receding.

Kim parked and had just gone into the school office when her cellphone rang. The school was calling to inform her that Kensey had passed out in a bathroom.

“Well, I’m here, I’m here,” Kim replied.

Kim rushed to the restroom, where the school nurse had already responded.

“Her mom had got to her and she was slumped against the wall,” Kensey’s stepfather, Brett Gibson, later told The Daily Beast. “She was responsive at that time. It seemed like she just kinda fell and braced herself against the wall.”

Kensey then had a seizure, but came out of it. She reported having intense pain in her side.

“She was asking her mom for help,” Brett later said.

When EMTs arrived, Kensey had begun to lose consciousness.

“They couldn’t get her intubated,” Brett later said. “Her airway was filling with blood, which is one reason why they seem to think she might have had a blood clot.”

Kim remained with Kensey in the ambulance and at the hospital.

“She got to hold her,” Brett told The Daily Beast. “She was with her the whole time.”

Brett arrived as the doctors and nurses fought to save Kensey’s life. Their best efforts were not enough.

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